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Artificial Grass Resists Harsh Weather

April 7, 2017

Knowing that artificial grass resists harsh weather could be helpful during the second half of 2017. Some climate experts have been saying that the weather pattern known as El Nino could return during 2017 as our planet continues to heat up. California and some other states have been pounded by heavy rains and flooding this year. Many forecasters have linked this to another weather pattern, La Nina. So between floods and droughts, people who have synthetic turf have been able to see how well artificial grass resists harsh weather. After years of living under a drought, California residents may think that the recent rainy season has ended it. The state is being cautious about sending that message, as noted in this NY Times article. During the ongoing dry period, many people switched from real to fake grass to save water. That’s when they first that learned that artificial grass resists harsh weather conditions, such as drought.

However, weeks and weeks of heavy rains showed people another great trait of synthetic sod. They saw how well it stands up to extreme wet weather, as well. This was a point of pride for the man-made turf professionals at Watersavers Turf.

As we have told people, it drains better and faster than real sod, and fake grass yards don’t turn into mud bowls. It doesn’t die or become damaged like natural lawns can. So come rain or shine, harsh weather is not going to ruin a synthetic turf lawn, park or sports field.

How Cool Artificial Grass Is to Use

If you want to know how cool artificial grass is to use, here is a good example. You have probably seen it many times, not knowing that it wasn’t the real deal. It would have been easier for you to know during drought years. Homes and other places where the grass always looks green, lush and well cared for are often using cool artificial grass. What makes it cool to use now is how far man-made turf products have come from the astro turf of way back when. We can all agree that the bright green bristles of the old stuff didn’t fool anyone. Nor was it meant to. However, over time, synthetic sod has just kept getting better and better. Technology has led to today’s cool artificial grass products, which look so real they fool people.

What’s more, today you can choose products even stay cooler to the touch.

Artificial Grass That Stays Cool Has Arrived

One of the requests often heard by fake grass pros is that they want artificial grass that stays cool. In warm weather climates, people want turf products that don’t become too hot. In the past, these products have been made of materials that can really heat up under hot conditions.

The good news is that this is an area where many advances have been made. There is an important technology out there that keeps fake sod cooler. It is called Kool-Max Technology. The shape of the blade is what makes it deflect light and thus reduces heat.

At Watersavers Turf we offer two face weights of Kool-Max turf that people can choose from, the 60-ounce W Blade 60 and the 80-ounce W Blade 80. Both of these styles have blades that stay on average 15% cooler than other man-made turf options. Their deep green color stays the same year-round, and both styles are lead-free and nontoxic.

It’s safe to say that due to Kool-Max, an artificial lawn that stays cooler has definitely arrived.

Cool Ideas for Using Synthetic Turf Everywhere

People are now seeing cool ideas for using synthetic turf everywhere they look. Even some of the old fake looking astro turf can still be seen in use. That shows just how long it can last.

Given the harsh extremes in California weather, it makes sense that man-made turf has come into its own here. Yet, people all across the US have also been finding out how cool it can be to use it. With the arrival of Kool-Max products, it has become an even more appealing choice.

People love the way it now looks, and how much time it frees up for them. It is so easy to care for that all they need is a broom, rake or leaf blower to remove any debris. Their weekends no longer mean doing yard chores – they are for having fun and relaxing.

Enjoy Your Artificial Lawn for All Seasons

You can now choose quality man-made grass products, like those available at Watersavers Turf, knowing they will last. We back this up with our 10-year residential (10-year commercial) warranty.

Today’s turf products look so great that people want them around for a very long time. Again, because of ongoing advances in the way they are made, they do.

Now you can have an idea for a really cool patio design that you plan to use a lot, and not worry about the lifespan of your lawn. You can create a cool outdoor game board knowing that you’ll have fun with it for years.

You can use synthetic grass anywhere knowing that it will always look great. For some more cool ideas on using it, check out our online gallery.

Get Answers to Your Fake Grass Questions

At Watersavers Turf, we love talking about how cool our products are, and we are glad to answer your fake grass questions. You can call us at 844-974-8873 to talk to us or chat with us online 24/7.

Want to meet face to face? We would! Visit any of our SF Bay Area locations and pick up some of our free 1’ x 1’ samples. We think you’ll love how cool they look and feel.

While you’re here, tell us about your ideas for using synthetic sod. We’re the experts who know how to make it happen.

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