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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—W Blade 80

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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—W Blade 80

Enjoying a safe and comfortable lawn is easy and affordable with residential artificial grass and commercial synthetic grass from Watersavers Turf.

Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use—W Blade 80

Many people wish to create a lawn that matches their vision of a dream home. They don’t always achieve that goal, because lawn care can be costly. With item# W Blade 80, our artificial grass for residential and commercial use, that’s not an issue. The color, an olive/emerald blend, looks the same all year long. This allows you to explore many landscape design ideas. You don’t have to worry about how weather throughout the seasons will affect the look of the design. Instead, it will always look exactly as you did when you installed it.

This commercial synthetic grass’ blades are shaped to reflect sunlight and keep in moisture. On top of that, it’s non-toxic and lead-free. Along with that, the cushion of its 80-ounce face weight makes it ideal for parks and playgrounds. The added cushioning keeps kids, pets, and athletes safe should they ever take a fall. It’s a perfect option for saving money, staying safe, and catching the eye.

See for yourself with free 1’ x 1’ samples, available at all Watersavers Turf locations. If you don’t live nearby, we’ll ship the samples right to you.

Artificial grass, W Blade 80, is for both residential and commercial use.

W Blade 80 has a face weight of 80-ounces. The blades are 1 5/8” tall. This style has an olive and emerald green mix with brown & green thatching. The “W” Blade uses KoolMax technology. Its design reflects sunlight and retains moisture keeping it 15 – 20 degrees cooler than other styles.