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Watersavers Has All the Turf Accessories & Turf Tools You Need for Your Artificial Turf Installation

Watersavers Turf is the one-stop shop for all your artificial turf installation needs. We have basic turf accessories and turf tools as well as state-of-the-art technologies.

Here’s what else our selection includes:

  • All types of sands
  • Bender board / Edging – PVC and metal
  • Seaming tape & seaming glue
  • Turf nails
  • Artificial Boxwood Panels
  • Putting green flags, cups & poles and much, much more…

View Our Turf Accessories and Turf Tools Below

For pricing and additional information, please visit any of our store locations or call us at (844) 974-8873.

The Easy Seam is an electric machine that binds turf seams. Must be used with Easy Seam Tape. (For Sale Only)

Watersavers Turf EasySeam Machine
Easy Seam Machine

Easy Seam Tape is used with the Easy Seam Machine to bind turf seams. Roll comes in 4-1/2" X 66'. Item#: EASYTAPE

Watersavers Turf EasySeam Tape
Easy Seam Seaming Tape

Turf Staples hold turf in place. They are 11 gauge, and 6". Best used along seam lines. Item#: FTS3

Watersavers Turf Staples
Turf Staples

The Installation Nails are used for holding turf in place and are 5". Use every 8” – 12” along edges and every 6” along seams. Item#: TURFNAIL6

Watersavers 5” Turf Installation Nails
5” Installation Nails

These 6" x 8GA galvanized spiral shank nails are used to install artificial turf. Instructions for use are the same as our 5" installation nails. Item#: TURFSNAIL (50LB Box).

Watersavers Turf 6” Spiral Shank Nails
6” Spiral Installation Nails

Scott’s TB classic Drop Spreader is a convenient tool for spreading sand over newly installed turf. Item#: 76565

Scott’s Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader
Drop Spreader

The Lawn Roller is used for compacting the base. This is a very critical step of the installation process. Item#: ROLLER

Watersavers Turf Lawn Roller
Lawn Roller

A Power Broom tool is used to brush the turf so blades remain vertical. This is done before applying infill and after. (Item not in stock)

Power Broom Watersavers Turf
Power Broom
(Available for Rent)

The Push Broom is a manual tool used to brush the turf so blades remain vertical. Item#: 2224A

Watersavers Turf Push Broom
Push Broom

The Personna Pro Turf Knife is a folding knife that is an excellent tool for cutting turf, and comes with 5 extra blades. Item#: TURFKNIFE

Watersavers Turf Lawn Roller
Turf Knife

A Knee Kicker is used to stretch out the turf during installation. (Item not in stock)

Watersavers Turf Knee Kicker
Knee Kicker (not in stock)

Plastic Edging aka Bender board is used to frame the turf perimeter area, and protect the turf from soil and debris. It comes in two sizes: 1"x4"x20' (#PBB) or 2"x4"x20' (#2X4PBB). Plastic stakes sold separately.

Watersavers Turf Plastic Bender Board
Plastic Edging 1"x4" or 2"x4"

Metal Board is for the turf perimeter. Its 16' long, thin profile comes in 3 thicknesses: 1/8” (#ED184016B), 3/16" (#DURAEDGE), and 1/4” (#ED2505016B). Available in black or unfinished. Stakes included.

Watersavers Turf Steel Landscape Edging
Metal Board 4"

Weed Barrier is highly recommended for use between the compacted rock and turf layers. It comes in three widths: 4' (#BLWC4250), 6’ (#BLWC6250) and 12’ (#BLWC12250). All lengths are 250'.

Watersavers Turf Weed Barrier
Weed Barrier

Gopher wire is highly recommended for use as the first layer after excavating. It comes in two sizes: 4’ x 100’ (#187086) or 6’ x 100’ (#H219Q). The mesh size is ½”.

Gopher wire offered by Watersavers Turf.
Gopher Wire

Turf Glue is ready-to-use for bonding synthetic turf seams. (To be used with seaming tape.) This tube is 28 ounces, and will cover approx. 22 – 88 linear feet. Item #ULTRABOND527

Ultrabond Seaming Glue Tube - Watersavers Turf
Ultrabond Seaming Glue — (28-ounce tube)

Turf Glue is ready-to-use for bonding synthetic turf seams. (To be used with seaming tape.) It comes in two sizes: 1 gallon (#ULTRABONDSG1G) and 5 gallon (#ULTRABONDSG5G).

Ultrabond Seaming Glue (1 gal. and 5 gal.) - Watersavers Turf.
Ultrabond Seaming Glue — (1 gallon & 5 gallon)

Seaming tape is used with turf glue to bond the seams. We can cut at any linear length you need! Full roll size: 1’ X 330'. Item#: ULTRABONDST

Ultrabond Seaming Tape - Watersavers Turf.
Ultrabond Seaming Tape

Seaming tape is used with turf glue to bind the seams. Available size: 6" X 50' (60ML). Item#: ST

Watersavers Turf Seaming Tape
Seaming Tape

Golf Flags are personalized nylon flags used to mark putting green holes. Available in 3 colors:
solid red,solid white or black & white checkered Item#: WST-PUTTINGFLAG

Watersavers Turf Golf Flags
Golf Flags

These Flag Poles are 32” in height. For use with the golf flags on a putting green. Item#: WST-PUTTINGPOLE

Watersavers Golf Turf Flag Poles
Flag Poles

These Flag Cups are 4.5” tall, aluminum putting cup white, and are for putting greens. Item#: WST-PUTTINGCUP45

Watersavers Golf Turf Flag Cups
Flag Cups

Green cup cover to protect your hole from weather and debris. Made from sturdy plastic with UV protection, the universal golf hole cover is designed to fit 4'' regulation size golf cups. Item#: WST-PUTTINGCUPCOVER

Golf cup covers offered by Watersavers Turf.
Putting Cup Cover

Add this light to golf cup! Offered in unfinished brass and works with one 20-watt halogen bulb. Item#: WST-PUTTINGCUPLIGHT

Putting in the dark made easy with a putting cup light from Watersavers Turf.
Putting Cup Light

Superfill is a green sand infill that is coated with Arch Biocide (an anti-bacterial). It is an environmentally friendly, premium infill material, and is less abrasive than natural sand. (50lb bag) Item#: GREENSAND

Watersavers Superfill Antimicrobial Turf Infill
Superfill Plus Antimicrobial

Silica Sand is a yellow sand infill which is natural and non-toxic. (50lb bag) Item#: YSAND

Watersavers Turf Silica Sand Infill
Silica Sand

Triple Z Zeofill is an organic, natural, and environmentally safe infill. ZeoFill is designed to eliminate odors from pets. It traps and controls odors and quickly absorbs moisture. (50lb bag) Item#: ZEOSAND

Triple Z Zeolite is an organic infill for artificial turf sold by Watersavers Turf.
Triple Z Zeolite — Organic Infill

These 4' x 6' polyfoam Lawn Pads are installed to create cushioning under the turf. Available thicknesses: 3/4” (#WST-LAWNPAD075), 1-1/8” (#WST-LAWNPAD100), and 2-1/8” (#WST-LAWNPAD200).

Watersavers Turf Lawn Pads
Lawn Pads

The Shock Pads are used under high intensity turf areas, such as playgrounds. It comes 8mm thick, and a roll measures 5’ x 200’. We can cut it at any length you need. Item #WST-SHOCKPAD

Watersavers Turf Shock Pads
Shock Pads

Neutralize unwanted pet smell on artificial grass with this environmentally friendly product. It is safe for both you and your pets. Comes in two sizes: 32 fl. oz. (#WST-PETDEODOR32) and 1 gal. (#WST-PETDEODOR1G).

Pet Odor Neutralizer Spray

Make your artificial turf smell like freshly cut grass with this 8 oz. spray bottle of "Fresh Cut Scent".

Fresh Cut Scent

The Artificial Boxwood Panel aka Artificial Ivy Panel is used to create artificial green walls. Leaf size is approx. 2.5" long x 1" to 2" wide. Panel size is 19.7" x 19.7" (2.69 sqft). Leaf color is two-tone green. Item #WST-IVYMEDIUMLEAF

Artificial Boxwood Panel - Medium Leaf

The Artificial Ivy Panel aka Artificial Boxwood Panel is used to create faux vertical garden walls. Leaf size is approx. 1/2" long x 3/8" wide. Panel size is 19.7" x 19.7" (2.69 sqft). Leaf color is dark green. Item #WST-IVYSMALLLEAF

Artificial Ivy Panel - Small Leaf

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory

Future Home of an Exciting Turf Accessory