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Turf Padding for Residential and Commercial Artificial Grass Installations

Turf padding is placed under your artificial lawn to absorb shock. It keeps the ground soft and safe and comes in sheets of foam. These sheets are like a mattress under your lawn, and they can absorb a lot of shock on impact. Pads will not move, but infill can shift over time. Heavy foot traffic or play can move the infill because it can pile up or wear down where there is a stress point.


Most lawns won’t see enough stress for the infill to shift. However, a high-impact zone like a sports field will see so much foot traffic that infill may move as athletes run, jump, and fall hard on the ground. This may cause infill to be uneven and a few years down the road it will be less safe. Wear like this can lead to hard spots in a sports field or play area, but lawn pads can help with this and have no crumb rubber. Watersavers Turf has a variety of turf padding including heavy-duty foam shock pads, ideal for high energy play areas like sports fields and playgrounds.

Shock Pads for Sports FieldsSay Goodbye to Crumb Rubber Infill

Sports field turf pros know that lawn pads are key to player health, and the rules for pro-level turf must take care of the folks who will play on it. One more new trend in safe sports fields is a pledge to say goodbye to the crumb rubber infills that have been the cause of some controversy in the news. Many types of infill are made with crumb rubber that is recycled from road tires. The EPA, CDC, and CPSC have joined forces on a study in 2016 about the health risks of crumb rubber.

There have been questions about its long-term use. Crumb rubber may prove to cause harm over time, and could even raise the risk of cancer. That’s one of the health issues that the task force will review. Shock pads are not made with the same controversial crumb, which means they are a great choice for sports fields, where there is no room to take risks with players’ health.

Shock Pads are the Safe Alternative to Crumb Rubber

The new class of shock pads is as safe as it gets. Their low G-max is just one reason why heavy-duty pads are set to beat infill as the top choice for pro and amateur sports fields.

Above all else, sports field turf needs to be safe for play. When you plan a synthetic field, think about what will go under it. Only the best pads will do since the turf will see a lot of heavy impact as players run and tumble on the ground. GMax ratings show the risk of harm or injury on impact. Our thicker pads for playgrounds have GMax ratings. The lower the score means the safer the pad. Our turf products have been tested by TSI in Dalton, Georgia.

Lawn PadsShock Absorption for Play Areas

Lawn pads help with safe play at home, in schools, and in commercial playgrounds. Expert Kyle Kaplan had this to say about faux grass for kids at play: “As a certified playground safety inspector, I can honestly tell you that synthetic turf playgrounds have the safest, cleanest, and best-looking surfaces available.” That high praise for turf has quite a bit to do with lawn padding. When you install artificial grass with the right pads, turf has a “critical fall height” score that can beat the real grass, the poured rubber, and the mulch that you see in a lot of play zones for kids. The safe fall height score makes fake grass a smart design choice. Turf that is soft to land on is great for young ones who can easily run and fall.

Turf Padding Reduces Athletes Injuries

A better fall height score means that there is less chance of serious injury. That’s a good reason to install faux grass with the right lawn pads. Few areas see as much wear and tear as a place where kids play. Little feet move fast, and they move hard, but lawn padding stays in place no matter what. Because it comes in sheets, it won’t move like some infills. That is why turf pads are a good choice for a play area. That’s where kids are sure to put any fake lawn to the test with hard traffic.

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