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Artificial Grass Lawn for Your Outdoor Theater

August 31, 2018

An artificial grass lawn makes it easy to think up fun ways to enjoy spending time in the backyard. When you’re less focused on constant upkeep, you have the freedom to come up with fun backyard activities you may not have considered with a grass lawn. For instance, some movie buffs with artificial grass lawns use them to host their own outdoor theaters. An artificial grass lawn is perfect for this venue because it offers comfort and safety. If this project appeals to you, our team at Watersavers Turf will gladly help you make the switch.

How to Turn Your Synthetic Grass Lawn into an Outdoor Movie Theater

A synthetic grass lawn is the perfect setting for an amateur film festival. After all, you never need to mow or water it. That means you have more time to prep the yard for the event. Synthetic grass lawns also tend to drain water more quickly than grass lawns. If it rains the day before your festival, you may not need to cancel it.

Do you want to turn your synthetic grass lawn into an outdoor movie theater? If so, keep these tips in mind:

Pick a Screen

You need to select a screen before you can show any films in the backyard. You’ll also need a projector. There are many options of both on the market. To pick the right screen for your needs, measure the amount of space you have. Choose one that will fit perfectly.

You also need to determine how you’ll be showing your films. If you have access to genuine film reels, choose a projector designed to play them. You can also find DVD and Blu-Ray projectors if you don’t have film reels.

Keep in mind; you can make a screen yourself if you’re on a budget. A white shower curtain pulled tight can work surprisingly well.

Pick a Theme

Your guests will enjoy the night more if you choose a theme for your event. If you have friends who make amateur movies, you could curate a film festival of their work. If not, select a genre or common theme your movies will share. You don’t need to go the expected route here. A basic theme like “horror” may be less interesting than something more specific, like “old, silent horror.”

Add the Extras

Fake grass gives you a lot of freedom to arrange the lawn exactly as you wish to for the event. You can install chairs, or have guests sit on the lawn picnic-style. You might want to add a “concession stand” where guests can grab snacks or drinks. If you’d like, you could even add a red carpet.

Have fun with this process. Not many film fans get the chance to turn their own yards into outdoor movie theaters.

How a Fake Lawn Benefits Filmgoers

Fake lawns offer benefits to filmgoers that other surfaces can’t. This project isn’t merely for amateur, backyard screenings. It’s ideal for professionals as well. That’s why the managers of New Jersey’s Asbury Hotel installed fake grass on the roof for their outdoor movie theater. Fake lawns benefit filmgoers by offering a clean, safe surface for watching movies outside.

These are just some of the ways fake lawns benefit movie fans who like watching films in this kind of setting:


Outdoor movie theaters are rare because the cost of keeping the lawn in good shape is often too high. To keep live grass the proper length requires constant upkeep. Fake grass, on the other hand, allows hotels, resorts, and other sites to install outdoor theaters that don’t cost much to maintain.


Fake grass tends to attract fewer critters because it doesn’t offer them many food sources. You’re also less likely to accidentally sit on a rock and hurt yourself on one. This boost in comfort and safety makes outdoor movies much more pleasant.


Artificial turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. That’s perfect for this kind of setting. It will stay in great shape, even with constant guests.

Do you want to turn your backyard into a movie theater? Do you manage a business that could attract more guests with one? If so, head to a Watersavers Turf SF Bay Area location. Our team will help you find the ideal turf for your plans.

Give us a call at 844-974-8873 if you have any questions. You can also chat with us online. Be sure to ask about our free estimates!

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