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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—V Blade 77

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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—V Blade 77

We at Watersavers Turf know both residential artificial grass and commercial synthetic grass have many uses, which is why we offer products that are perfect for many of your goals.

Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use—V Blade 77

You might know that faux grass is perfect for many different projects. It can allow you to install a gorgeous dream lawn that always stays green. Property owners give guests a peaceful spot to relax without pesky weeds and bugs. Kids and pets are both safer when playing on it. Item# V Blade 77, has all these benefits and more. This style also can quickly stand up after high pressure. This makes it a great artificial grass for almost any residential or commercial use.

When you install V Blade 77, you may have one clear reason for doing so. Maybe you’re building a new business, or trying to save money by putting in commercial synthetic grass that you never need to water. But you might have a few different goals in mind. This item is ideal for all of them. Its field/olive blend and brown/green thatch make it look real all year long. No matter what kind of property you own, you’ll find many, many uses for it.

See for yourself. Head to a nearby Watersavers Turf location and ask us about getting free 1’ X 1’ samples. We’ll also be happy to ship them to you if you can’t make it to us.

Artificial grass, V Blade 77, is for both residential and commercial use.

V Blade 77 has a 77-ounce face weight, and the blade is 1 7/8” in height. The color is a field/olive blend with brown/green thatch. The “V” Blade is designed to stand up straighter and spring back up after being under significant pressure. As part of our Performance Series, it also has a high wear and tear tolerance.