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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—Emerald 70

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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—Emerald 70

Make your property impress with residential artificial grass and commercial synthetic grass from Watersavers Turf.

Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use— Emerald 70

While it’s always nice to look at your lawn and feel proud of it, reaching this goal isn’t easy. If the surface of your yard is real grass, it can be uneven and have dirt patches. Not only that, you need to mow and water it. This costs a lot of time and money. On the other hand, with item# Emerald 70, an artificial grass for residential and commercial use, you can make your landscape design visions come to life. The popularity of this style not only comes from its realistic looks but also comes from its minimal upkeep. This allows you to plan any design you wish. No matter what season you find yourself in, your backyard will always look just like you envisioned it.

If you own a business, this commercial synthetic grass won’t just help you save money—you’ll also be likely to make more money if you install it. Of course, you’ll cut down on lawn care costs by putting in a surface that doesn’t need to be fertilized, watered, or mowed. But it’s also worth knowing that a gorgeous property will be more likely to attract new clients. This item simply offers you an easy way to catch the eye.

See for yourself in person by heading to one of our Watersavers Turf locations and ask about free, Emerald 70, 1’ x 1’ samples. Not based in the SF Bay Area? We’ll ship the samples right to you.

Artificial grass, Emerald 70, is for both residential and commercial use.

Emerald 70 has a 70-ounce face weight, and the blade height is 2”. Coloring is emerald green with a brown and green thatch.