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Residential Artificial Grass & Commercial Synthetic Grass—Spring Super-102

Spring Super-102 has a 102 ounce face weight, and the blade is 2 5/8” in height. The color is a lime green/emerald blend with brown/green thatch. This product is one of our densest and tallest products. Enjoy a lawn that not only looks great but is also safe, with residential artificial grass and commercial synthetic grass from Watersavers Turf

Purchase artificial turf Spring Super-102, a tall and dense product for your home.


  • COLOR: Lime Green/Emerald Green
  • THATCH: Brown/Green
  • PILE HEIGHT: 2-5/8"
  • FACE WEIGHT: 102 oz.
  • BACKING WEIGHT: 28 oz.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 130 oz.
  • ROLL SIZE: 15' x 50'
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Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use— Spring Super-102

A lawn plays a big role in your life when you own a home. It should be a place to relax. Of course, if you have any kids or athletes in your household, it’s also a spot where people have a lot of active fun. As such, you want the surface to look good and keep your loved ones safe. With the Spring Super-102, part of our line of artificial grass for residential and commercial use, you can have both.

This item is designed with safety in mind. It has athick 102-ounce face weight, andit’s lead-free and non-toxic like all or our turfs. On top of that, its lime green/emerald blend and brown/green thatch make it look real all year long. You don’t need to water or maintain it, which saves you a lot of money. This commercial synthetic grass also a great for businesses that want to impress their clients.

See for yourself by stopping by a Watersavers Turf location, where we’re glad to offer you free 1’ x 1’ samples. If you don’t live nearby, let us know, and we’ll ship them straight out to you.