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Pet Grass for Home Yards

Pets are happiest outdoors, where they can play safe and carefree. Don’t you want to give your four-legged friend a fresh, eco-friendly area that’s easy to clean and maintain? Watersavers Turf has top-quality pet grass that is simple to care for and healthy for pets. Our pet grass is great for dog runs, and puppy training because of its quick drainage technology . We also carry products like odor neutralizers and organic infills. Thes products eliminate odors, keeping your yard smelling fresh and clean.

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Our Top Turf Recommendations

Fast Draining Pet Grass Controls Odors

A landscape design for pets depends on animal size, the amount of space, and how the area will be used. Large, active dogs need a tough grass to stand up to digging and hard play. For smaller dogs, the main factor is the easy cleanup. To control pet odor, every animal zone needs a lawn that drains fully to move waste away fast. While all artificial lawns drain more quickly than natural sod (30 gallons per minute {per square foot}), our Pet Turf 50 offers the industry’s most advanced design.

Pet Turf 50 offers 4 TIMES the amount of drainage with its 50-ounce face weight and 1 1/8” blade height. This allows odors and liquid waste to pass right through. The holes in the backing allow a square foot to drain 120 gallons in one minute! When you choose a faux pet grass for an animal area, look for this Flo-Rite-Thru technology.

For a product at a lower price point, we suggest Sport Field-63. This fake grass has a 63-ounce face weight and a 1 ¼” blade height. It is durable enough for pro sports arenas. If it can stand up to a football team, you know it can stand up to your pets.

Silicon Valley Humane Society Goes Green as Turf Leads to LEED Award

The Silicon Valley Humane Society has just won a gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ranking from the US Green Building Council. That makes it one of the first certified “green” animal centers in the world. The award is a result of a firm focus on lower power and water use. They chose smart building materials and made eco-friendly landscape upgrades.

One of their major green choices was synthetic turf installation. By switching their 56,000 square foot lawn to artificial turf, they’re saving around 1,680,000 gallons of water a year. That result is good news for the planet, and proof of a job well done by their top-tier landscape designers.

Don’t you want to follow in those footsteps? California’s premier distributor, Watersavers Turf, offers pet grass that conserves water, and stands up to the wear and tear of lively animals at play.

Federal Investigation of Crumb Rubber puts Pet Safety in the News

In 2016, three federal agencies will take the first steps in a joint action plan to study whether crumb rubber is a safe infill material for synthetic turf. Watchdog groups called for the safety investigation after questions surfaced about possible links between crumb rubber and the higher risk of cancer.

Now, the EPA, CDC, and CPSC have agreed to take a closer look at the chemicals in this material which is made from recycled road tires. If crumb rubber is shown to be harmful, kids and pets will likely prove the most vulnerable groups due to their smaller lung size. That’s one reason all our products are non-toxic and 100% lead-free.

Turf Helpers Team Up to Banish Pet Odors with Science

A plastic lawn doesn’t need to be watered or mowed, but it does its best work when it is installed right and cared for with some simple habits. We offer ZeoFill infill to manage pet odor. This organic fill traps odors and absorbs dampness for a clean and dry lawn above. For easy care, spray a light coat of our favorite artificial grass pet odor neutralizer onto your lawn.

Our non-toxic spray is rated #1 by top industry experts and can withstand heat up to 200 degrees F. The formula is packed with 250+ billion microorganisms per gallon. This powerful burst of natural bacteria lowers oxygen demand by 80% in five days, as the live liquid enzymes dissolve the waste. In layman’s terms, that means less smell, and less mess, thanks to science! ZeoFill plus topical spray is a winning pair for dog runs, dog parks, or any home yard where a happy pet roams.

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