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Exclusive Artificial Grass Contractor Benefits

Watersavers Turf offers exclusive artificial grass contractor benefits like free skill classes and job leads so that you can earn more. Check out this news: A 2015 Washington Post piece on turf said that the drought and its high water costs have caused an “unprecedented spike” in demand for fake grass lawns in CA. Homeowners and business owners across the San Francisco Bay Area are choosing turf for their lawn projects, so demand is on the rise. Are you ready to get your share of the work? We can help.

Free Artificial Grass Installation Training

Do you want to learn new skills so you can earn more money and grow your profits? We offer FREE artificial grass installation training every month (at our stores); the course runs about 2.5 hours.

Once you finish this free, one-day group class you get:

  • $50 credit for the first-time buyer
  • FREE magnetic sign for your trucks
  • FREE metal sign for your job sites (when you buy)

Once you learn how to install our fake lawn products, you can reach new buyers and provide great service in this growing market. Our free grass installation training gives you the skills to boost your profits. For more info or to sign up for a class, call 844-974-8873. To look at our classes, you can visit this web page.

Turf Tools for Your Install

A great fake lawn looks its best when it’s put in the right way. That’s why we offer a wide range of turf tools. We stock 60+ types of fake grass at a range of price points—with face weights for top-of-the-line lawns to sports field turf and pet grass—but that’s not all. We’re a one-stop shop that carries all you need for your fake grass install.

Our line includes:

  • All types of sands
  • Bender board—PVC and metal
  • Easy Seam Machine—the easy way to seam together turf pieces (to rent or buy)
  • Seaming tape and glue
  • Putting-green flags, cups,and poles for golf ranges, and much, much more.

We have the best new products that will see you through each step of the install process. We carry weed barrier fabric and gopher wire, nails and staples, lawn pads, infills, and heavy-duty shock pads ideal for play spaces and high-impact sports fields. All the items we stock are 100% free of lead, and our infills are made without crumb rubber, so you can offer your clients a great fake lawn that’s healthy and safe for kids, adults, and pets. Browse our range of turf tools and turf accessories, and get every item you need to artificial grass.

For Large CompaniesFree Turf Installation Training at Your Place

You don’t have to visit us to learn how to install turf: We’ll come to you for FREE! That means our skilled staff will come to your office and hold a 2.5-hour group class for your workers at no cost. We’ll teach skills that will help you and your workers thrive in the fake grass market. Onsite Turf installation training offers all the same tips and tricks as the monthly training we hold at our stores, but with the added service that the class happens at your place, on your time table.

For more info or to arrange free, onsite synthetic turf installation training, call 844-974-8873.

Free Turf Installation Job Leads

Once you’ve finished our free turf install course and you have bought turf from us, we’ll give you free leads for new jobs. Qualify yourself for free turf install job leads with one of our free group classes and a turf buy, and we’ll help you put those skills to work putting in our top-quality lawn products.

Free NextDay Artificial Grass Delivery for InStock Turf

We offer free, next-day artificial grass delivery with no minimum order for the San Francisco Bay Area; your clients won’t wait, so why should you? Stay on schedule and in budget with our free artificial grass delivery. Next day guaranteed is a claim we make with pride.

Free Synthetic Grass Samples for Your Clients1 Square Foot

Wouldn’t it help you talk to clients if you could show them the product you offer? To boost your business, we provide free synthetic grass samples. One square foot of soft, lush grass in the hands of a would-be buyer can turn a “maybe” into a “yes” and help you close more sales. That’s why we advise all contractors to stock samples in their trucks. Be ready on the go, and you can make a sale at any time or place. With a product clients can touch, you’ll help buyers make a great choice for their lawns by showing them 1’ X 1’ swatches in different styles, colors, and face weights. Stop by any of our store locations to pick up some free synthetic grass samples for your clients. If you can’t visit us in person, call us to ask about samples at (844)974-8873.

Dedicated Turf Field ManagerYour Personal Troubleshooter

Don’t you wish you had a problem fixer just for you on the job? When you buy our fake lawn, you get the support of our expert staff. Our dedicated turf field manager is ready to provide tech support at any step of your install process. If you’re having an issue with seaming, base compaction, or even onsite soaking, we have your back. Tackle projects with ease, because our dedicated turf field manager, your personal troubleshooter, is just a phone call away. With our help, you’re never alone in the field.

Free Job Site Marketing Signs for Your Trucks and Job Sites

When you’re putting in top-quality synthetic turf, you want people to know! To promote your company, we’ll provide you with free job marketing signs for your trucks and job sites. Attract potential customers at job sites or on the go with our metal lawn signs and truck signs. Watersavers offers these turf contractor aids because we want to help you grow your sales. Visit one of our CA stores, browse our online shop, or contact us to learn more.