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Hybrid Pitch at World Cup Offers Steady Surface

July 2, 2018

This year’s World Cup has been full of surprises and thrills for soccer fans. It’s also been unique in certain key ways. For instance, several of the Russian arenas have switched to a hybrid pitch for the World Cup. This hybrid pitch for World Cup stadiums is 95% live grass, 5% artificial grass. That means it boasts many of the traits of artificial grass. The hybrid pitch for the World Cup drains water quickly and withstands wear-and-tear thanks to its strong reinforcement system. Of course, the fact that players are using products similar to ours is just one reason we at Watersavers Turf have been watching the games closely.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Soccer Fields

Artificial grass for soccer fields offers many benefits. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require much upkeep. That’s one of the key reasons some arenas this year are using a blend of live and artificial grass for soccer fields. Those involved in maintaining the surface have noted that this mix of natural and artificial grass for soccer fields doesn’t sustain damage as easily as real grass. That means they don’t need to spend as much time on repairs.

That said, the big stories at this year’s games have been the games themselves. The following are some key highlights from the past week:

Germany’s World Cup Loss

Defending champs Germany lost to South Korea on Wednesday, removing them from the games. This isn’t just notable because Germany won last time around. It’s a major story because this is the earliest Germany has left the tournament since 1938. The major upset has surprised many fans who expected the team to live up to very high expectations.

Russia Wins During Shootout

Any World Cup game that reaches a shootout is one that has fans of both teams gripping their seats. That was the case on Sunday when Russia challenged 2010 winners Spain. After extra time, the score remained at 1 – 1. Russia won during the shootout thanks in no small part to the work of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. Some experts and fans would even say this win has been the biggest surprise of the 2018 World Cup thus far.

Messi & Ronaldo Exit

Spain’s loss means Cristiano Ronaldo may never win a World Cup. That’s a surprise when a player is as talented as he is. However, he may be in the company of his rival. Ronaldo’s exit from the games came just a few hours after his rival Lionel Messi, who also hasn’t won a World Cup, took his exit when Argentina lost to France.

What to Look Forward To

The knockout phase is always one of the more thrilling periods of any World Cup. Of course, so are the quarterfinals. Uruguay, France, Russia, and Croatia have already secured spots. However, some worry that Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani may not be able to help his team defeat France. A calf injury forced him to leave the Portugal match early. Photos show he is still struggling to walk down stairs. Whether he’ll be ready for the match against France remains in doubt.

Fans of Russia will be excited to see how the team performs against Croatia. Russia has never won a World Cup. Winning the team’s first on Russian soil would be a huge story.

Here’s the schedule for this week’s matches. Be sure to tune in!

  • Monday, July 2 – Belgium vs. Japan (11:00 AM PST)
  • Tuesday, July 3 – Sweden vs. Switzerland (7:00 AM PST)
  • Tuesday, July 3 – Colombia vs. England (11:00 AM PST)
  • Friday, July 6 – Uruguay vs. France (7:00 AM PST)
  • Friday, July 6 – TEAMS UNKNOWN (11:00 AM PST)
  • Saturday, July 7 – TEAMS UNKNOWN (7:00 AM PST)
  • Saturday, July 7 – Russia vs. Croatia (11:00 AM PST)

What You Need to Know About Switching to Synthetic Soccer Turf

As you might have guessed, we at Watersavers Turf are big fans of this sport. That’s just one of the reasons we’re happy to supply schools and towns with synthetic soccer turf. Our synthetic soccer turf is ideal for everyone from players to fans. Unlike live grass, you never need to mow or water it. This reduces upkeep costs in a big way. Budget-strapped school districts often make the switch to our synthetic soccer turf to save money and keep soccer programs afloat.

Safety is another reason fake grass is perfect for soccer leagues. It tends to stay flat and even much longer than natural grass. It also drains water more quickly. This means players are less likely to trip and fall. Fast drainage also allows teams to play and practice even after rain.

Best of all, buy $300 worth of our field turf or other products during the World Cup, and you could win a fantastic prize for soccer fans!

Win a Prize When You Purchase Irrigation Supplies, Field Turf, or Landscape Products

We’re celebrating the World Cup at Watersavers Turf by playing all the matches in all our SF Bay Area locations. Pay us a visit while you’re in the area! Every time you purchase $300 worth of field turf or irrigation and landscape products, we’ll also give you a raffle ticket. Winners will be announced after the final match. Each one will receive an authentic team jersey! In the meantime, our experts will gladly help you find the right field turf for your needs.

Our turf isn’t just perfect for soccer; the potential applications are endless. If you’re not sure which is best for your project, we will gladly provide free large 1’ x 1’ samples. Not from our part of the country? No problem. Give us a call at (844) 974-8873 and we may be able to ship it to you free. You can also call us or chat with us online if you have any questions.


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