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Synthetic Grass Improves Human Well-Being

November 10, 2016

It’s no secret that there are a lot of good reasons to install synthetic grass at a home or business. Because it doesn’t need to be mowed or watered, it saves a lot of money on upkeep. That’s also good for the planet. But now it also looks like synthetic grass improves human well-being. Many experts agree that feeling connected to nature plays a major role in boosting a person’s mood. It used to be assumed that this meant people would have to spend time out in the woods to feel the effects. Now it’s clear that even synthetic nature and fake plants improve human well-being in a big way. The brain doesn’t always know when you’re looking at real plants, or when you’re looking at fake plants. If you can’t go out and see nature, synthetic grass and fake plants improve human well-being by bringing nature to you. Just look at what Watersavers Turf has to offer to see what we mean.

The Many Uses for Synthetic Nature

Research has shown that being in nature is good for your health and mood. But nature doesn’t have to be real. Even looking at synthetic nature can help. If it looks enough like real plant life, your brain will react the same to it. Based on these findings, it’s clear that synthetic nature can now be even more useful. You can install it in your home to add some extra comfort to your life. Cities can use synthetic nature to build more calming spaces at local parks. When people have greater access to parks and gardens, crime goes down. Even businesses can use it to keep guests happy.

Green Spaces Offers Science-Backed Benefits

Studies have shown that the fast-paced, crowded lifestyle is not ideal for a person’s mental health. City living can be stressful. In 2005, research showed that if people had more greens spaces to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of city life, they would experience many mental benefits.

The problem is, it’s not always easy for local leaders to build more parks. Real trees, plants, and grass require a lot of upkeep which may not be in the budget. In some cases, they simply may not have the resources they need for that type of project.

When cities use fake grass and other plastic plants to create green spaces, they save money on water and labor. This allows cities to add more green spaces to their local parks or even build new ones. This study suggests that adding more green areas for people to enjoy results in a calmer society and may even help keep crime rates low.

Images of Nature Reduce Stress

A 2002 study showed that videos of nature could make people endure pain longer. A 2003 study confirmed that such images also reduce stress levels in blood donors. Both videos and still pictures seemed to have the same effects.

The people who ran these studies were seeking out ways to make a trip to the doctor less nerve-wracking. In the process, they also revealed that even simple photos of an outdoor scene could make a person feel calmer. Adding a green area where patients could view images and videos of nature could also help patients.

This knowledge can be used in many places—not just health offices.

Faux Foliage Make Areas of Calm

Faux foliage could also be installed indoors at a college campus. Students often worry about grades. A school that offers green areas in which to relax would likely attract more young people. If they’re looking for a college that won’t overwhelm them with stress, they’ll be drawn to one that has more greenery.

The home, too, is a spot where people want to keep low-stress levels. With faux foliage, that’s easy. People can enjoy the peace and comfort that fake plants bring without having to maintain them. This is an approach all can enjoy, but it’s most useful for seniors. Seniors may not have the energy to water a garden. With a faux green space, they can relax and not worry about taking care of their plants.

Faux foliage can also be used in mental health clinics to help patients heal more quickly. Fake plants can turn an outdoor mall into the calmest spot in town during the busy season. All these effects are backed by science.

Watersavers Turf has the perfect synthetic nature to increase your well-being. Our artificial boxwood panels and fake grass products will help you feel less stressed in your home and at work. Visit one of our SF Bay Area locations to pick up some free 1’ x 1’ turf samples. Can’t make it to one of our stores? No problem. Just give us a call at 844-974-8873, we will ship them to you. We also offer free estimates.

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