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Residential Artificial Grass—Spring 46

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Residential Artificial Grass—Spring 46

See your landscape design dreams come to life with residential artificial grass from Watersavers Turf,San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Artificial Grass for Residential Use—Spring 46

Planning the landscape design for your backyard can be fun. Trying to maintain it after the work is done can be a chore. When you install item# Spring 46, an artificial grass for residential use, your lawn won’t be a chore. It won’t need to be watered or mowed to keep it looking the way you want it.Another benefit is that the lime/green emerald blend color is a perfect match for real grass.

This frees you up to add lawn anywhere in your landscape design. In the past, you may have had to account for the fact that weather and climate will affect how your yard looks throughout the course of a year. This makes it hard to settle on a design. When the surface of the backyard always looks exactly as it did when you installed it, of course, you can go with any idea that makes you happy.

Start today by heading to a Watersavers Turf location near you and pick up some of our free samples (1’ x 1’). For those not from the area, we’re more than happy to ship them!

Artificial grass, Spring 46, is for residential use.

Spring 46 has a 46-ounce face weight. Its blades are 1 7/8” in height, and the color is a blend of lime green and emerald with brown/green thatch.