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Residential Artificial Grass—Cashmere 52

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Residential Artificial Grass—Cashmere 52

At Watersavers Turf, we believe that residential artificial grass should look great while also letting you relax and have fun.

Artificial Grass for Residential Use—Cashmere 52

A lawn doesn’t serve just one purpose. You might want it to look its best all year long, but you also want to be able to use it for a game of Frisbee, parties, or simply as a spot to relax. That’s why item# Cashmere 52, an artificial grass for residential use, is great for homes. Its mix of field/olive blend color and brown/green thatch and diamond shaped blades makes it look like real grass.

Your yard is where your kids learn to throw a ball and where you visit with family and friends. This safe, non-toxic option looks great every day of the year. Thanks to a 52-ounce face weight, residential artificial grass, Cashmere 52, also perfect for front yards. If you want to show off your home to your neighbors, this realistic turf is made to impress.

To get a better idea of why this is the best choice for your home, we at Watersavers Turf offer free 1’ x 1’ samples. Get yours at one of our locations. If you can’t get to us, we’ll ship it to you!

Artificial grass, Cashmere 52, is for residential use.

Cashmere 52 has a 52-ounce face weight, and the blade is 2” in height. Its color is a field/olive blend. The thatch is brown/green. The blades are an engineered Diamond shape making the grass look more realistic. This gives it a soft look.