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Artificial Turf Trainers Turf-63 Black

February 13, 2018

Colored Sports Turf—Trainers Turf-63 Black

Switching to artificial grass offers many benefits. Fake grass is simply more versatile than natural grass. For instance, fake sports turf doesn’t have to be green. If a team wants a black sports field, this surface option makes that possible.

Luckily, Trainers Turf-63 Black has more to offer than a unique color. Boasting a 63-ounce face weight and a blade height of 1 1/4”, it stands up to wear and tear. Athletes need a safe, even surface to play on. Uneven or slippery fields can result in injuries. With this product, that’s not an issue. It stays in great shape even after frequent use, and it dries quickly after rain. Schools often switch to artificial sports turf in order to save money. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t need to be watered. You don’t need to mow or seed it either. That means a big reduction in upkeep costs.

The black color may be ideal for some teams. Often, people buy turf in colors other than green for branding purposes. A team that wears black uniforms may want to play on a matching field. In some sports, it may be easier to see a ball or other piece of equipment on a black surface. Either way, with this turf teams don’t just get a black sports field, they get a safe one.