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Artificial Sports Turf Sport Field-63

February 13, 2018

Artificial Sports Turf for Sports Field Use — Sport Field-63

Although there are many uses for artificial sports turf, most people still think of it as a surface for stadiums. That’s how it was first used, and that’s often how it’s still used to this day. Over the years, tech has improved this fake grass to make it even more ideal for almost any activity. That’s why the Sport Field-63, part of our line of artificial sports turf for sports field use, is an ideal option for not only arenas but pet facilities and even your home yard. This item has blades that are designed to look and feel real. It also stays even, flat, and dry after a heavy rain. On top of that, it holds up well to the kind of wear and tear that live grass can’t.

For players, this means more time to hone their skills. For fans, this means less of a chance that you’ll miss your team because it rained the day before.For homeowners, this means more time outside for your kids to play. This product has been tested to last long, and it delivers. The surface doesn’t need to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. Because of this, you’ll save yourself a lot of money on upkeep. This makes it a great choice for just about anywhere.

At your nearest Watersavers Turf location, you can pick up free 1’ x 1’ samples to see all the benefits that our products have to offer. If you don’t live nearby, not a problem—we can ship the samples straight to you. Enjoy the best artificial sports field turf for athletes and fans, courtesy of Watersavers Turf, located in the SF Bay Area, CA.