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Commercial Synthetic Grass—UD Play 5MM

UD PLAY 5MM has a U Blade designed with high wear and tear tolerance. As part of our Performance Series, this grass can stand up straighter under significant pressure making it perfect for playground play. This product also comes with a 5mm backing to provide a forgiving, cushioned playground safety surface that comforts falls.

Artificial grass UD Play 5MM has a cushioned backing for playground comfort.


  • COLOR: Field Green/Olive Green
  • THATCH: Tan/Green
  • PILE HEIGHT: 1-1/8"
  • FACE WEIGHT: 60 oz.
  • ROLL SIZE: 15' x 100'

Artificial Grass for Commercial Use—UD Play 5MM

A fun playground set with a cushioned base is a wonderful addition to any park or school. Our product, UD Play 5MM, makes that possible. This artificial grass for commercial use stands up quickly after heavy pressure. As part of our Performance Series, it’s designed for a lot of use and traffic. The special 5MM backing adds more cushion as well. With a 1 1/8” blade height and a field green/olive green blend color, this product looks like real, thriving grass.

At Watersavers Turf we offer artificial grass made with performance and durability in mind. With more and more decision makers playgrounds choosing to install artificial turf, we want to offer you the best product in terms of safety and comfort. Because it stays in great shape in all sorts of weather, there’s also less risk of tripping and hurting yourself after a heavy rain. UD Play 5MM is an ideal choice for a playground.

We know the best way to understand the benefits of this artificial grass is to see it for yourself. That’s why we offer free 1’ x 1’ samples of Watersavers Turf. If you don’t live near one of our locations, we’ll also be glad to ship the samples right to you.