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Artificial Sports Turf—Terracotta 70

Terracotta 70 turf has a 70 ounce face weight, and the blade is 2 1/4” in height. The color is a rich terracotta color, or warm red/brown. This turf is designed specifically for sport fields, and has undergone rigorous wear and tear testing.

Buy Natural Blend-70, a great artificial grass option for homeowners.


  • COLOR: Terracotta
  • THATCH: Terracotta
  • PILE HEIGHT: 2-1/4"
  • FACE WEIGHT: 70 oz.
  • BACKING WEIGHT: 20 oz.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 90 oz.
  • ROLL SIZE: 15’ x 100’
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Colored Sports Turf—Terracotta 70

Artificial sports turf is an ideal playing surface for many reasons. First of all, it’s safer than natural grass. Real grass gets damaged easily during gameplay. It becomes uneven, making players more likely to trip and fall. After heavy rains, it can be too slippery to play on.

Those aren’t problems with fake sports turf. It stands up to wear and tear, and it dries quickly. It also helps field owners save money on upkeep. There’s no need to water or mow artificial grass. That results in big savings.

On top of that, products like the Terracotta 70 are versatile enough to replace many popular sports surfaces, not just grass.

For instance, baseball diamonds often consist of grass sections, with sand/dirt lanes for runners. These lanes can be dangerous to fall on. The surface is often very hard, and players scrape their limbs or get bruises. With a terracotta-colored sports turf, teams can capture the look of an authentic baseball diamond while also boosting their own safety.

With a 70 ounce face weight and a blade height of 2 1/4”, this sports turf is designed to withstand the kind of beating a field can take over the course of a game. Thanks to its terracotta color, it’s also a smart surface option for a batting cage. It’s useful both indoors and outdoors; this turf is built to stand up to sports, and harsh weather.

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