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  • Buy Putt-60-Bicolor - perfect artificial grass for bocce ball courts.
  • Buy Putt-60-Bicolor - perfect artificial grass for bocce ball courts.

Artificial Putting Green—Putt-60-Bicolor

Putt-60-BiColor has a 60 ounce face weight, and the blade is 3/4” in height. The color is bi-color green – the two tones are darker shades of green creating a soft contrast. This product is great for bocce ball courts!

Product Details
  • Color Bi-Color Green
  • Total Weight 60 oz.
  • Pile Height 3/4"
  • Roll Size 15' x 100'
  • Face weight 60 oz.
  • icon Bocce Courts
  • icon Landscapes
  • icon Putting Green
  • icon Sports

Sports Turf for Putting Green Use—Putt-60-Bicolor

Nothing ruins a good golf trip like poor weather. While you may be ready to head out to the course later in the day or week with your friends, Mother Nature might have other plans. That’s why it’s a good idea for golf course owners to install the Putt-60-Bicolor, our sports turf for putting green use. It’s made to stand up to wear and tear, as well as bad weather. This means you’re a lot less likely to cancel a game because of rain. That’s more fun for members and more money for owners.

This artificial putting green is ideal not for just golf courses, but home yards as well. Pro and amateur athletes need a place to practice their golf game. Installing this item in a backyard is a great idea. It dries out much more quickly after rain than real grass. If you’re a golfer, this means more time spent mastering the perfect putt in the privacy of your own home.

Take a trip to your nearest Watersavers Turf location to ask about picking up your own free 1’ x 1’ samples. If you’re not able to make it to us, we’ll ship them to you.

Enjoy golf in any climate with an artificial putting green from Watersavers Turf, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.