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Pet Grass—55 Emerald

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Pet Grass—55 Emerald

Keep animals happy with pet grass from Watersavers Turf, SF Bay Area, CA.

Pet Grass for Dog Runs, Kennels, & More—55 Emerald

Pet grass (55 Emerald) offers all the benefits of a real grass lawn without your house looking like a war zone after your furry friend is done playing on it. If you have pets, you know it’s important for them to get a good workout in during the day. This is easy if you have a yard. You can let them roam around for as long as they wish in the safety of your property. The problem is, when they head back inside, they can track a lot of mud and dirt with them. With item# 55 Emerald,that’s not a problem. There’s no soil beneath the “grass,” and it drains fast so there’s no mess. When you use this item for your dog run or play area, the amount of time you’ll save not having to clean up after Fido may be worth it on its own!

This style like all our other products is also very safe because it’s both lead-free and non-toxic.It’s also great for commercial use. If you own a kennel or other pet facility, this item is perfect for your business. This product will help you keep your property clean and can stand up to the kind of beating a yard can take after a big animal sprints across it day after day.Couple this with the fact that you never have to water or mow it, and you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money on upkeep.

Looking for a way to keep all your furry friends happy? Head to Watersavers Turf to pick up your free 1’ x 1’ samples. If you can’t get to us, we’ll be glad to ship them to you.

Pet Grass, 55 Emerald, is for dog runs, kennels, and more.

Pet Grass 55 – Emerald has a 55-ounce face weight and blade that is 1” in height. Its color is emerald, mixed with brown/green thatch.