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Maintaining Artificial Grass During Extreme Weather

August 18, 2017

Even in extreme weather, people find that maintaining artificial grass is easy. This makes it useful to those who need access to their yards on a regular basis. Sports teams are just one example. At Brigham Young University, the baseball team is replacing their grass field with sports field turf. They realized that maintaining artificial grass in harsh weather is easier than maintaining their current field. For instance, the team has installed a heater beneath the surface to melt snow as it falls. This prevents games and practices from being canceled due to inclement weather. Maintaining artificial grass also costs less than upkeep for a real grass field. Most fields are easy to damage during gameplay. Sports field turf can take a beating. Thus, there’s less need to schedule frequent repairs.

You may not own a baseball field, but you still probably want to keep your lawn in great shape when any type of harsh weather strikes. Make the switch to synthetic turf, and you’ll soon find out just how easy doing so can be. Whether you live in a cold, snowy climate or a hot desert region, it’s a durable option that will make lawn care much simpler than you ever thought it could be. At Watersavers Turf we’ll help you make the switch.

Seasonal Tips for Cleaning Artificial Grass

With some basic tips for cleaning artificial grass, you’ll keep your lawn looking great all year long. This is true even in periods of severe weather. Taking a seasonal approach to upkeep is best. Tips for cleaning artificial grass in the winter won’t apply to cleaning it in the summer. Luckily, it’s easy to do no matter what time of year. The following tips for cleaning artificial grass will help.

Cleaning your lawn during fall is easy. If you live in a region where leaves drop from the trees in autumn, you should rake them up as needed. Fall is also a good time to inspect your lawn and confirm that it’s still secure. Since it dries easily, you won’t have to worry about flooding, as long as proper drainage measures are in place.

Winter may involve a little more work. Most people can’t afford to install a heater under their yards to melt snow. Usually, you can let the snow melt on its own. It won’t make your turf soggy like real grass. That said, there may be times when too much snow piles on your lawn. If it doesn’t melt away fast enough, you can try several tips to speed up the process. First, pour warm water over the snow. Next, put some old towels in the dryer on high. Remove them when they’re warm and lay them over the snow. If you’re going to use a shovel, only use a plastic one, and be careful not to strike the turf.

When there’s no snow on your turf, you should still remove dead leaves. Just be careful if temperatures drop below freezing. Stepping on the turf when fibers are frozen together could result in minor damage.

Spring and summer are the seasons when you’ll most enjoy your lawn. After the snow has thawed, rake away any debris. Set aside time each week during the warm months to rake the lawn if you want it to be spotless.

Also, check for any sections of flattened turf. Gently rake them to a more upright position. If pets use the lawn as a bathroom, remove the droppings and hose down the spot to remove the odor.

That’s it. You don’t need to mow it or water it. Keeping a synthetic turf lawn clean throughout the year takes much less time and effort than cleaning a grass lawn.

Deep Cleaning Artificial Grass—the When and How

Deep cleaning artificial grass isn’t something you’ll need to do on a regular basis. That said, bacteria can accumulate on or beneath your lawn over time. This is very common for people with pets. Local wildlife can also spread germs to your turf. If your lawn has a strong odor, it may be time to look into methods for deep cleaning artificial grass. This might sound like a complex task, one that requires a pro, but that isn’t the case. Deep cleaning artificial grass is something you can do on your own.

First, purchase a non-toxic turf cleaning product. Consider one with a built-in deodorizer if you have any pets. Look for a product with a hose attachment. Using these types of cleaners is as easy as rinsing down your lawn. Do this once a season (except in winter if the yard is covered in snow) to ensure your lawn is fresh and clean.

For more thorough results, buy a power broom. This tool uses a motor to spin bristles at a fast rate. It’s often used to clean cracks in pavement because the bristles can clean spots that are difficult to reach with any other tools.

Power brooms are very useful for cleaning fake lawns. They remove small debris that you might miss with a rake. They also counter the effects of foot traffic. People constantly walking on your lawn will flatten sections of it out. A power broom will restore the blades to their full height. Use one anytime you want to make your lawn look the way it was when you first installed it.

Must-Have Artificial Lawn Care Tools

Aside from a power broom, there aren’t many other tools you need to stay on top of artificial lawn care. Your garden hose will help you remove bacteria and odors. Because artificial lawn care mainly involves removing debris from the yard, you’ll want to have a rake too. A shovel is a useful artificial lawn care tool if you live in a snowy region. Just remember to only use a plastic one.

This type of lawn surface was built to stand up to harsh conditions. Even in extreme weather, it’s easy to maintain. With a synthetic turf lawn, you’ll spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying it.

For more info, feel free to call Watersavers Turf at 844-974-8873. You can also get a free estimate at our website. Want to know how to install it? We offer free classes on the subject. We’ll also gladly recommend a local contractor for your project.

There are many reasons to switch to a fake lawn. We make doing so easy.

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