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Lawn Replacement Using Artificial Grass

January 19, 2018

The recent fires across California have been devastating. Amongst the ruined homes and businesses, luckily, many properties only had yard damage. For these property owners and others looking to repair their landscapes quickly, lawn replacement using artificial grass has been the answer. Watersavers Turf can help you understand the benefits of lawn replacement using artificial grass. Continue to read our blog to learn how lawn replacement using artificial grass has helped others, and how it can help you.

The Benefits of an Instant Lawn

It takes a long time to replace a real grass yard. This is especially true if a fire or other factors have left the soil barren. Fire disrupts the balanced soil chemistry that allows grass and other plants to grow. It also causes physical damage that makes the soil more vulnerable to erosion in the future. Fire-damaged soil doesn’t retain moisture as easily as it once did. That’s one reason you’re better off with an instant lawn like synthetic turf. Trying to grow natural grass in barren soil is a struggle. Install faux grass, and you have an instant lawn that will look gorgeous for years. We have our turf tested to ensure that it is fire-resistant. An instant lawn isn’t just convenient; it’s more durable than a living lawn.

Faux turf products like ours stay green during extreme weather like droughts and rain storms. They drain quickly during periods of heavy rain and stay green without the use of water. Faux turf also resists UV rays. Try to replace your lawn with natural grass again, and you’ll go through a long process to get a yard that still may get damaged. Faux turf transforms your yard instantly and stands the test of time.

How to Make Lawn Repair Easier

You need to perform lawn repair fast after a fire damages it. Until you replace the ground cover, water is more likely to erode your soil. Soil without ground cover is also more likely to dry up fast. It needs a layer on top to protect it. This type of lawn repair is not easy after a fire. Getting plants to grow in the barren soil is a challenge. The ground is likely to remain exposed for a long time. You can make the lawn repair process much simpler by choosing synthetic grass instead.

Synthetic grass provides a strong ground cover layer for your soil. The porous nature of its backing lets water drain quickly. This provides your soil with nutrients without eroding it further. That means you can begin the process of making other repairs to the yard. You may still want some plants or trees along the edges. Fake turf helps keep your soil healthy enough to support them.

Save Money Replacing Your Lawn

Replacing a lawn after it’s been damaged in a fire or similar event can be painstaking and costly. Again, you need to act fast to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, when the chemical balance of your soil is compromised, basic steps like growing a ground cover layer can be very challenging. Replacing a lawn with real grass also doesn’t guarantee that it won’t suffer damage again in the future. That’s why you should look for a more cost-effective surface than natural grass when replacing your lawn.

Synthetic turf is less likely to get damaged. It doesn’t require healthy soil to stay green and vibrant. It can resist fire and withstand wear-and-tear. It’s simply a safer investment.

Synthetic turf requires very little upkeep. It also doesn’t need to be watered, fertilized, mowed, or reseeded. Making the switch will help you save a lot of money on lawn care over the years.

Fake grass is certified non-toxic and lead-free. It’s safe for any application. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner, if you’re looking to restore your property after a fire, it’s a smart choice.

We at Watersavers Turf will help you get started on your repairs. Finding the right one for your yard is easy. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to start getting a sense of your options. If you can’t make it to us, just call us at 844-974-8873, or chat with us online. Make sure you ask about our free large 1’ x 1’ turf samples. They make it even easier to find the ideal surface replacement for your lawn.

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