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FreshCut ScentFresh Cut Grass Smell for your Artificial Turf

When was the last time you smelled the sweet, earthy scent of freshly cut grass? Your artificial turf can have that newly mown smell every day with FreshCut scent. This new aroma technology comes in an 8oz spray bottle. With live grass, you have to wait for the blades to grow before you mow it for that great lawn smell. With FreshCut scent, you can coat your turf with a burst of green aroma as often as you want. It has all the sweet fragrance of a mown lawn, without any of the work or sweat that goes into yard care. Watersavers Turf will be glad to order this unique new product for you so that you can add a scent boost to the realistic look and feel of your fake lawn.

Fresh Cut Grass ScentWhy Grass Smells That Way

The fresh cut grass scent you think of as “nice” is not quite as sweet as it seems. Do you know why grass makes that smell? Because it has been hurt! The green odor is made up of what science calls “Green Leaf Volatiles,” or GLVs. When grass is damaged, it may send out those smells to try and protect itself from further harm. One study showed that plant GLVs area kind of trap for pests. When the pests’ saliva was mixed with the GLVs that were released when they ate the plant, the combo made the pests attractive to a predator that would then eat them! In this way, the plants’ GLVs keep the pests from eating too much of it. The fragrance that grass makes may be a similar attempt from a plant to send off an odor that will keep it from being further damaged. Then why does the fresh cut grass scent make us calm and happy?

The Green Brain Boostthe Science of Why a Mown Lawn Smells Good

So why does the green smell make us feel good? Studies on aroma and thought have shown that the scent of a freshly mown lawn triggers activity in two key parts of the brain. The hippo campus and amygdala both have to do with emotion and with memory. When you breathe in a deep whiff of mown grass, these zones in your brain light right up! They trigger a happy, calm mood due to the associations you have with memories of that smell. Most of the time when you smell this fresh scent, it is during a happy moment of being outdoors in good weather, where you feel safe and calm. That’s why this smell brings those feelings back out each time you get a sniff. Sounds good, right? Well, it may get even better. When you activate those neural pathways with this smell, you may help your brain stay strong. Retrieving memories in a calm frame of mind now may boost your brainpower, and could even aid cognitive function all the way into old age. So, when you get near that great mown lawn smell, take a deep breath! Your mind and your health may thank you.

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