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Artificial Turf—an Allergy Free Way to Welcome Spring

April 30, 2016

With an El Nino weather pattern, certain areas of California are bound to be hit hard this allergy season as trees and flowers are blooming early. Dr. Clifford Basset, medical director and founder of Allergy and Asthma Care of NY, offers his views on the effects of weather changes on weather.com. “In some studies, a hefty precipitation during the fall and winter may be enough to enhance the pollen production, particularly in grass pollen,” Dr. Bassett said. For those who suffer from grass allergies, artificial turf is a great alternative to consider when refreshing landscaping this spring season.

There is no need to feel miserable suffering with allergy symptoms when artificial turf is a better landscaping solution.  According to one of the Bay Area’s premium artificial turf suppliers, Watersavers Turf, “People are not only realizing synthetic turf offers many advantages over allergy-provoking grasses but that it is also a better choice due to the State’s current environmental condition.”

Real Grass Is One of the Three Top Allergy Producers

Grass pollination occurs early in spring and continues through the summer months as pollen spreads on the wind. For those that have pollen sensitivities, grass pollen causes a range of symptoms in not only people but in pets as well. Most common of these symptoms are itchy and watery eyes. Sneezing and coughing are also common symptoms and in some asthma can be triggered.  There can also be a general feeling of malaise.

The drought in California still exists despite all the rain we have had this winter.  This has restored our green lawns for the time being, but we need to continue to conserve water, and we all know that watering a lawn requires a lot of this precious resource.

Synthetic Turf Installation Offers an Allergy-Free Environment

A family outing or the task of mowing the lawn can be difficult when you and your loved ones have allergies. With artificial turf, kids, adults, and pets can enjoy an allergy-free lawn all year round. No worries about respiratory problems, itchy skin or red, watery eyes with synthetic turf. There is no need to think about weeding or of the yellow patches appearing when your pets go outside to play. Also, there are no chemicals to be concerned about when you purchase artificial grass from us. Our synthetic turf products are lead-free. When grass pollen production peaks in summer months, you can look at pollen.com for the allergy forecast in your area.

Artificial turf maintenance is so much easier than a real lawn. Just think about all the free time you’ll have to enjoy the outdoors without having to feed the lawn or worry about how much money it will cost to resume watering your real grass. Before you start your irrigation system or visiting the drugstore to buy allergy meds; why not think about the savings of time, money and feeling relief when you install a synthetic turf landscape. We can show you how easy it is to switch over to a beautiful, new, and carefree lawn. Contact us today for a free estimate 844-974-8873, or visit us online.

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