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Artificial Putting Green—Tee Line 120

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Artificial Putting Green—Tee Line 120

At our San Francisco Bay Area, CA stores and beyond, Watersavers Turf offersartificial putting green products that are ideal for many different uses.

Sports Turf for Putting Green Use—Tee Line 120

At a golf course, it seems like every single blade of grass needs to be perfect. The length needs to allow you to hit the ball, and the color should match the surroundings. In that respect, item# Tee Line 120, our sports turf for putting green use, is ideal. Its Emerald green color looks gorgeous and is easy to spot from the fairway. At 1 ¼” in height, the blades are ideal for the area just outside of the green, when you may not be ready to use your putter just yet. With the right club, the ball will roll smoothly towards the hole.

A golf course isn’t the only place where you might make use of this artificial putting green. It can also be used to add some life to any outdoor area. If you run an outdoor mall, it can help to add some festive cheer during the holidays. At concert venues, this plush faux grass offers guests extra lawn seating, earning you a lot more money in ticket sales. You could even turn a portion of a hotel property into a lounge area where people can grab drinks or relax with a book. The possibilities are endless!

To see for yourself why that is, make your way to a nearby Watersavers Turf location. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with free 1’ x 1’ samples. For those that don’t live nearby, we’ll ship them straight to you.

Putting Green, Tee Line 120, is for golfing and more.

Tee Line 120 has a 1 ¼” blade, 120-ounce face weight, and emerald green color.