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Artificial Grass Landscaping—Beautifying Your Synthetic Turf Lawn with Perennials

January 15, 2019

Artificial grass landscaping is easy. Unlike live grass, you never need to mow or water it. It also stays in great shape all year long, even during harsh weather. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate real plants into your artificial grass landscaping plans. Do you want a dream lawn that impresses guests and neighbors? If so, keep the following artificial grass landscaping tips in mind. We at Watersavers Turf will also be happy to offer any extra help you need to design a lawn you can make you proud.

Using Perennials to Beautify Your Synthetic Turf Lawn

A synthetic turf lawn always looks green and vibrant. That’s why you should enhance it with plants that also retain their beauty throughout the year. By adding perennial flowers to your synthetic turf lawn, you’ll highlight its beauty in all seasons.

The following are some smart ways you could use perennials to improve your synthetic turf lawn’s landscaping:

Use Sage for its Durability

Sage is an ideal plant to form the border of a path, garden, or other discrete section of your lawn. It’s a smart choice because of its durability. Sage can sustain a lot of wear and tear from harsh weather. This makes it a perfect choice for a fake grass lawn.

Place Lavender Along the Fence

Leave some space along a fence or other border to plant lavender. You may also want to use it to outline a gazebo or other structure on your lawn. Lavender’s cool color makes space look larger than it is when used along with a boundary. Its scent also induces a feeling of calm.

Surround it With Sedum

Sedum is another plant that makes a walkway or structure stand out when planted along its border. It’s also a smart choice for people who want to save water. You already use less water throughout the year with a fake grass lawn. Because sedum stores this resource well, planting it won’t result in a large increase in water usage.

Fake Lawn Garden Ideas

Artificial turf makes a great surface for a garden. These fake lawn garden ideas will show you why. They may also inspire you to come up with fake lawn garden ideas of your own. Unlike grass, fake turf won’t compete with any other plants around it for nutrients. That means you don’t have to worry as much about your garden losing its luster over the course of a season.

To get started, keep these fake lawn garden ideas in mind:

Create a Meditation Garden

Artificial turf is perfect for a meditation garden surface. You can add water features to make the space feel more natural and relaxing. You might even surround it with taller plants to boost your sense of privacy.

Install a Garden Path

Again, this surface won’t rob other plants of nutrients. That’s why it’s ideal for a garden path. Its bright color will guide people through the garden without distracting from brighter focal points.

Turn a Deck into a Garden

Fake turf is useful because it lets you turn unexpected areas into gardens. For instance, you can install it on a deck or patio area. City-dwellers who don’t have lawns also use it on their balconies. You can add your favorite potted plants and install outdoor furniture to complete the space.

Adding a Backdrop

Fake grass isn’t the only artificial material that’s perfect for your garden ideas. Artificial ivy panels can also provide a green backdrop for your plants when installed on your siding, fence, or any other space that would serve as the backdrop for a garden.

Making an Indoor Garden

Not everyone has enough yard space to create the garden of their dreams. With fake turf, that’s not a problem. You can easily install it inside of the home. Add a few potted plants near the windows, and you get a relaxing space in the comfort of your house.

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